Fishing in Hawaii
Wahoo, Ono Fishing in Hawaii

Wahoo (Ono) fish are a highly prized game fish to catch when fishing in Hawaii. In Hawaii the fish is referred to as a Ono. Sport Fishermen seek out the Wahoo (Ono) for its speed and high quality meat. The Wahoo (Ono) fish is found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. In Hawaii Ono grow to more than 100 pounds in weight, but the usual size of the fish caught in Hawaii is 8 to 30 pounds. Ono are a very fast fish and put up quite the fight. Ono in Hawaii are caught by trollers and longliners. They are caught with live bait or lures.

Ono have a unique torpedo-like body shape. Wahoo are found throughout the Pacific, and have always been known to be extra plentiful around the Hawaiian Islands. As a result, Oahu waters is the place to come if looking for Ono. The name wahoo evolved from the word ‘Oahu’ where these fish were commonly encountered by European explorers. While Wahoo are caught around the globe, But, the Hawaiian Wahoo or Ono is preferred over foreign imports.

Fishing Charters Catching Ono

Ono in Hawaiian means “good to eat” or “delicious”. The Ono definitely lives up to its namesake. The flesh or meat of the Ono is white to light grey, it has a mildly sweet flavor and the flesh cuts like butter. Once the Ono is cooked it very delicate and flaky. The fish can be prepared grilled, blackened, grilled, sautéed, or poached. If you have never tried Ono you are missing out. At Honolulu Charter Fishing we seek out Ono, as well as Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and many more species. Our crew has years of experience fishing in Hawaii. Book a private full or half day charter today.