Family (Ohana) is extremely important in the Hawaiian culture. For some of the best family activities to do in Oahu check out Honolulu Charter Fishing.

Private Bottom Fun Fishing Charter for Family and Friends

One of the best family activities for kids and families in Oahu is the Bottom Fun Fishing Charter. There is nothing like spending time on the ocean with the beautiful views of Diamond Head and the island fishing with the kids. Our captains and crew will ensure everyone is having a great time catching fish. They will bait the hooks and assist the younger ones where needed so the parents can enjoy fishing as well. We will also take pictures of your kids experience while they are reeling up their fish.

We offer a two hour charter but it can be extended when booked by calling our business number at (808) 800-7498. Having little ones ourselves, we understand kids have a shorter attention span. Therefore, we will head to areas where there are plenty of beautiful reef fish. These will most likely not be large gamefish, but rather fish that are actively feeding at the time of the charter. This keeps the fish coming into the boat and the kids interested. For older kids and adults we can try for larger fish, like Amberjack (Kahala), by jigging in deeper waters. Let us know how we can accommodate your families personal fishing goals and we will adapt the trip to your interests or skill level. This is a private charter for up to six guests, so gather your significant other, family, or friends for an adventure to remember!

Fun Fishing

Private Whale Watching Excursion

Another great family activity to do in Oahu is Whale Watching. This is also a private charter, book with us to escape the crowds! Join us on a two hour trip to see magnificent whales, dolphins, flying fish, and sea turtles in their natural environment. Our experienced and friendly staff will do there best to get you close to these beautiful creatures without disturbing their natural environment. We will be traveling along the south east side of Oahu for spectacular views of Waikiki, Diamond Head, Diamond Head Lighthouse, and the Honolulu Coastline. Schedule your memories today at

Whale Watching

Sunset Tours

Another fun family activity in Oahu is taking a Sunset Tour. Private Sunset tours depart about an hour before sunset. Join us for the perfect end to your day and to escape the crowds. Take in the breathtaking sunset, the open water, and the famous Waikiki skyline at night. Don’t forget to keep on the lookout for whales, dolphins, and turtles on your venture. On Fridays we will go out to see the amazing Waikiki fireworks display if conditions allow. Gather your significant other for a romantic night for two or bring the family for a fun night out!

Beautiful Oahu Sunsets