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Honolulu Fishing Charters @ Kewalo Basin harbor

Honolulu Fishing Charters, Private Charters

Oahu Pelagic sportfishing specializes in private or shared Honolulu sportfishing charters, and in addition, private bottom fishing charters. Although fishing is our expertise, we also offer daily whale watching tours and private sunset cruises. Join us with your family and friends for fishing charters in Honolulu. Oahu Pelagic Sportfishing definitely has the best fishing prices in Honolulu. Above all, call us for more detailed information about our private charters or simply reserve online.

Honolulu Sportfishing

Which Days Are Sunset Cruises Best

We are often asked which days are sunset cruises in Honolulu best. The best is not always the most popular day for sunset cruises. With both our fishing charters and sunset cruises in Waikiki being private, the tour experience is actually consistently spectacular. Overall the locals prefer the weekends for incredible sunset parties but for … Continue reading Which Days Are Sunset Cruises Best

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